Captain Leo Harriman

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Captain Harriman works a part-time position and  serves as the Department's Court Officer. He is responsible for all court paperwork and works closely with court personnel and the District Attorney's Office to assist in the prosecution of cases. Captain Harriman also maintains the Department's training records.

Mary Kinney

The Animal Control Officer is designed to handle domesticated animal complaints. The North Berwick Animal Control Officer doesnt work a typical 40-hour work week; rather, she works on an on-call basis and responds when the Duty Officer feels as though her assistance is needed.

Chief Stephen Peasley

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Chief Peasley manages the Department's budget and works closely with Town Officials to ensure the residents of North Berwick receive the best law enforcement services possible.

Sergeant Robert Kearns

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Sergeant Kearns acts as the go-between from the Patrol Staff to the Administration. Along with his daily patrol duties, Sergeant Kearns is in charge of scheduling, cruiser maintenance, and approval of officers' reports.

Patrolman Timothy Niehoff

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Patrolman Niehoff served four years active duty with the United States Navy and in 2001 was hired as a Full-Time Police/Fire/Rescue Dispatcher for the Town of South Berwick, Maine. In December of 2003 he was hired as a Reserve Officer with the North Berwick Police Department and in February 2004 accepted a Full-Time Patrolman’s position within the Department. In December of 2004 Patrolman Niehoff graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy’s (MCJA) 7th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. He is a certified Computer Forensics Technician and is also a certified Crisis Intervention Officer.

Lieutenant James Moulton

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Lieutenant Moulton serves as the second in command of the North Berwick Police Department and also serves as the Department's Detective.

Below is a list of North Berwick Police Department Personnel and a brief description of some of their responsibilities

Patrolman Keith Page

Patrolman Robert Welch

Patrolman Chad Gerrish

Patrolman Matthew Begin

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From 2002-2005 Patrolman Begin attended the University of New Hampshire in pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Patrolman Begin was hired by the Ogunquit Police Department as a Reserve Officer in 2004 and was promoted to a Full-Time position in 2005. In May of 2007 he graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's (MCJA) 12th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. In October of 2007 Patrolman Begin left the Ogunquit Police Department and accepted a Full-Time Patrolman position with the North Berwick Police Department. He is certified as a Taser Instructor, Firearms Instructor, and Field Training Officer (FTO). Patrolman Begin is also an active member of the Southern Maine Special Response Team (SRT).

Wendi Daudelin

Wendi works as the Department's administrative assistant and works with the Records Division. Wendi also assists with the DARE Program, serves as a Town Crossing Guard, and ensures smooth operation of the office.



The Reserve Patrol Staff augment the Full Time Patrol Staff by providing additional officers during busy hours (Friday and Saturday Nights). Reserve Patrol Officers assist in filling vacancies due to vacation requests, sick time, and officer training; just to name a few situations. Reserve Patrol Officers are all certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and have the same arrest and enforcement powers as the Full Time Patrol Staff.

School Resource Officer (SRO) Jonathan Koelker

SRO Officer at Noble High School - 207-676-2843 ext 7

SRO Koelker serves as the liaison between the Police Department and School System providing law enforcement services as well as ensuring a safe school atmosphere by assisting in the administration of school rules and policies.

In 2008 Patrolman Koelker graduated from McIntosh College with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. In June of 2008 Patrolman Koelker was hired by the North Berwick Police Department as a Part-Time Patrolman and was promoted to Full-Time in October of 2008. In May of 2009 Patrolman Koelker graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's (MCJA) 16th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. Patrolman Koelker is a certified Crisis Intervention Officer, well as a Physical Fitness Instructor, as well as a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.


Patrolman Scott Theriault

K-9 Maverick

Maverick is a German Shepherd who was born and raised in California at Sentinel Harts Kennel. Maverick received some basic training from Rob Peladeau of NexGen K-9 Training. Maverick began his career with the North Berwick Police Department in March 2016. Maverick will serve as a certified Dual-Purpose K-9 trained in both patrol and drug detection. Maverick's patrol functions will include tracking, building searches, evidence recovery, and suspect apprehension. He will also be trained to alert on the odor of narcotics including, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, and heroin. Maverick is partnered with Patrolman Daniel Pelkey.


Business Line: 207-676-2751

Dispatch Line: 207-324-3644  Option 1

Emergency : 9-1-1


The Patrol Staff is the foundation of the North Berwick Police Department. Nearly all citizen contact with the North Berwick Police Department starts with the Patrol Staff. The Patrolman is the first officer to respond to calls for assistance and is the officer who is visible in the community. Patrol Officers take initial complaints, conduct investigations as necessary, and develop a resolution which may include court action. The initial officer may enlist the help of other officers, detectives, or officers from other agencies. Patrol Officers are also responsible for the safe flow of traffic through North Berwick. They investigate accidents, enforce traffic laws, and direct traffic at accident scenes and special functions.

Patrolman Brian Donahue

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Patrolman Martin Morrissey

North Berwick Police Department

Patrolman Todd Hodgdon



21 Main Street/PO Box 422

North Berwick, ME 03906

Patrolman Daniel Pelkey

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In 2006 Patrolman Pelkey graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors Degree in Criminology. He joined the North Berwick Police Department in February of 2007 as a Part-Time Patrolman and in July of 2008 he accepted a Full-Time position within the Department. In December of 2008 he graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's (MCJA) 15th Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. Patrolman Pelkey holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from MCJA. He is certified as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), a Drug Impairment Training for Education Professionals (DITEP) Instructor, a Field Training Officer (FTO). Patrolman Pelkey is also part of an MCJA certified K-9 Team and serves as the Department's K-9 Handler and is partnered with K-9 Maverick.  Patrolman Pelkey also holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Public Administration from Walden University.