The North Berwick Police Department is proud to join over 4000  Public Safety Agencies around the U.S in providing a cost effective and effecient way of notifying our citizens about issues or incidents that may affect them. Nixle - the first secure and identity-certified communication service, allows local, county and state law enforcement and government agencies to connect with local residents over cell phone, email and web. Information is delivered in real time to geographically targeted consumers. The North Berwick Police Department believes that by notifying the public about ongoing criminal activity, road closures, community events, etc., we will  continue our efforts make North Berwick a safer community for all our families.  

For the past five years, Nixle has been allowing public safety agencies to reach out to their communities in ways never before possible. Nixle Alerts are currently used in 49 states and major cities including Chicago, Baltimore, Dallas, Fort Worth, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Philadelphia. Here is the State of Maine, the North Berwick Police Department finds themselves on the forefront, joining only 11 law enforcement agencies statewide, and just two others in York County. By providing this free service to the citizens of North Berwick, the North Berwick Police Department feels it can stay in touch with our community and reach out for assistance when necessary.

How Does Nixle Work?

How Does Nixle Work?

Nixle is a free service that allows you to receive trusted, up-to-the minute, neighborhood information for where you live, work, visit - or for where your family and friends are located throughout the country.

  • You choose the information you want, for the locations you want, from urgent public safety alerts to less time sensitive advisories and community information.
  • You choose how want to receive the information, whether it is over your cell phone by text message, by email, or over the web.
  • You stay connected to what is happening in the communities and the locations that are relevant to you!!!!
  • Registration is FREE, SIMPLE, and SECURE

Has Nixle Been Successful?

Here are several instances in which law enforcement agencies have used Nixle's service to obtain the publics assistance:

On October 17, 2010, an intoxicated father exited his vehicle, leaving his 3-year old son asleep and strapped into his car seat. While away from his car, the man was arrested by the Pasadena Police Department for public intoxication. When the mother hadn't heard from either of them in hours, she began calling police stations to try and locate them. After learning of the missing toddler, the Pasadena Police Department issued a Nixle Alert, and a resident who received the message on their cell phone used the information to locate the toddler

In Chula Vista, CA, a senior citizen went out to check the mail and never came back in. Her husband, worried about her recent medical issues called police. Chula Vista Police issued the first of two Alert messages, asking folks to keep an eye out for a disoriented elderly woman wearing yellow shorts. The message was sent within a ½ mile of her home. 45 minutes later, CVPD sent a follow-up message with a complete description of the woman and a picture, widening out the message distribution area to 2.5 miles. A citizen received the message and saw the woman, allowing CVPD to bring her home safely.

In Sioux County, IA, resident Trevor Schelling received a Nixle alert of a missing 5-year old girl. While driving in Hull, IA, Schelling spotted the little girl and called the Sheriff's office. The child was lost about a half mile from home. She was safe and returned to her mother.

The Fayetteville North Carolina Police Department sent out an alert to its residents about William Bruce Clark, a criminal wanted for armed robbery. Soon after the alert was sent the police got a call from some Fayetteville residents. Police responded quickly and apprehended Clark.

How Can I Sign Up

Enrolling in Nixle is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply click the link below, enter the necessary information, and begin receiving alerts.

* During the registration process you will be asked several questions about your location. The system will ask for your street address, if you dont feel comfortable entering your box number just enter the road you live on (i.e. instead of 123 Main Street, simply enter Main Street).

* Also, the North Berwick Police Department DOES NOT have access to the Nixle Database. We DO NOT have the ability to find out who subscribes to the service, their e-mail, or phone numbers. This information stays with Nixle and is not distributed or sold.